Meditation for Beginners Course

Have you aways wanted to meditate but never got round to it?

Do you need to relax more? Or clear your head of unhelpful self criticism?

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression or insomnia?

Meditation can help all these and this course is designed to help you set up your own meditation practice.


Reiki Training courses for the summer

Reiki Practitioner Course - take your healing to the next level using intuition more and learn distance healing.

Starting in May or June

Reiki Healing Course for Beginners in July

Discover the healing in your hands and learn how to use it for yourself and others.

If you are interested in either course please let me know as soon as possible.

Yoga CD's

Yoga Nidra Meditation, Ruth Chambers

Sometimes known as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra takes your body to a deeply relaxed state whilst you are guided to take your consciousness on a journey around the body. Yoga Nidra stimulates the brain by heightening awareness of the body and clearing all the nerve pathways to the brain. This practice releases all tensions; muscular, mental and emotional and brings deep relaxation. It is really helpful for anxiety and depression and insomnia.

In this relaxed state you are highly suggestible so you can set a resolve or resolution at the beginning and recall it at the end. You'll be asked to be aware of your breathing and to rotate your consciousness through the body. Then you'll experience sensations of heat and cold, heaviness and lighness. To finish there's a lovely heart healing guided visualisation. Most people find that even if they normally find it difficult to visualise during Yoga Nidra it becomes easy.

Ruth quietly and gently takes you on this journey so that all you have to do is lie back, follow the instructions and enjoy the experience. You will end the practice feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Lifedancing Yoga for Daily Practice

This is a simple Yoga class suitable for you - whatever your level of fitness or Yoga experience. Enjoy this easy session of Hatha Yoga including breathing techniques, stretching and Asanas Postures). There is a separate track for the relaxation at the end which you can listen to adter the exercises or just on its own.

Ruth has a wonderfully alm and soothing voice to take you into the pure bliss of total relaxation.

Life Balance CD Cover Nidra